sml. wheels Max Geronzi's "Back to the '80s" Part


sml. Wheels - Mark Suciu and Aaron Herrington "Manhattan Spectacles"


sml. wheels rider Mark Suciu from SABOTAGE3 part


Darkstar rider Ryan Decenzo from Hallelujah


SML wheels-MemoryScreen #12 Raymond Molinar


Lucas Puig: Surf's Up | Andalé Bearings


Paul Rodriguez Andalé Unboxing | Prod Andalé Bearings


Raymond Molinar's "Metro Lines" Part


Darkstar - Ke'Chaud Johnson


G2 Sesame Street

GLOBE BLANDから新先デッキのグラフィックが届いたので紹介させていただきます!


Super Grover 7.75

Martians 8.0

Big Bird 8.125

Mr. Snuffleupagus 8.25

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